Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yevgeniya Kaganovich

Here's an article on art jeweler Yevgeniya Kaganovich. Search the net for more of her work. I couldn't find any readily. The piece pictured here is not my favorite of Yev's work b/c it is a little tidy. The whote material is latex and she has made other pieces where it is handled a bit more loosely.


theresakeil said...

Cool stuff, I just killed an hour. It is time to surface from my cyber cave.....How do you find the time?

amyk said...

i saw a show of her work and anya kivarkis's work together in cleveland a few years ago. they both did a talk at the reception..kaganovich talked alot about the meaning of was interesting, although at the time i had a difficult time understanding how what she said applied to what i was doing sterling silver rabbit hole and all