Sunday, April 13, 2008

Casting Cork/Casting Mania

Episode 2 of Big Ideas for a Small Planet is tiled Decorate. There are a number of interesting things but one that I am most excited about for those o you in the casting class is casting cork. Check out the webisodes.

Alex Sweder

Check out Alex Schweder's work + thinking.

Spit Skin

Saliva, Biodegradable Packing, 96" x 42" x 120" in December 06, 18" x 48" x 72" at present, 2006

This installation of licked together biodegradable packing peanuts contorts, deforms, and melts when it contacts water. Located in a subterranean bathroom at the American Academy in Rome, this saliva stuck skin served as a map of moisture exchange between leaky walls and the leaky bodies that occupied them. The shriveling and shrinking architectural performance for the camera questions the role of the recording and the object in our subjective perception of space.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fold School- Green Design

Check out Fold School's website. Downloadable free patterns to create cardboard toys/furniture from cardboard around the house. Read the philosophy and about the designer. The homepage of the website reminds me of Droog's Do line. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Big Ideas for a Small Planet

Big Ideas for a Small Planet is a series produced by Robert Redford's The Sundance Channel. The second season just started so check it out. On Comcast it is channel 165. We used the first season in Design Like You Give A Damn last semester. So inspiring. There are so many people in the world thinking about how to do things differently...smartly. Not just thinking- implementing their ideas and making it go. The Sundance Channel's The Green has so many great resources and information. Immerse Yourself.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm In Love! (again)

I am IN LOVE with What is Product Design? by Laura Slack. I will bring my copy to class but it is worth the $$ and it isn't expensive. If you have a Barnes and Noble online account, the site will allow you to page through a fair number of the pages. There is so much great info hre for you all and in act anyon currently engaged in making. I started with the Portfolios section. The first page of each portfolio is a brief description of the entity (designer, branded design company, manufacturer) and their design philosophy. I know if Suzi bough this book on Monday she would be VERY sleep in class on Tuesday. I am on deadline so this brief posting will have to suffice. Enjoy! And check out my copy in class this week.