Saturday, March 22, 2008

Studio Libertiny

Tomás Gabzdil Libertiny, the mind behind Studio Libertiny, has an amazing mind. I first learned about his Honeycomb Vase that was made by bees, as example of slow prototyping. I posted earlier about various facets of the slow movement. Libertiny made a construction of wax sheets and put 40,000 bees to work building the vase. It took a week.

Paper Vases are also interesting. Libertiny laminates many, many pages of paper with an identical image and the chucks them up in a lathe and turns these vessels. each vase and an image on the side of it or actually it runs through the form.

When I was in grad school this was this totally rad chick, Kim Cridler, (images of her work are from the Artist who was a grad student at SUNY New Paltz's metals program. She made innovative 6' high amphora shaped forms from very interesting materials. I loved the work then so naturally I loved Libertiny's Beeswax Amphora. Each piece in his collection on his web site has a downloadable press release which is really a statement about the piece. Download them. Read them. They are wonderfully written and very clear and direct.

Enjoy! This is refreshingly wonderful work.

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