Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nervous System

I first discovered Nervous System at a CAD conference I attended in January. Very interesting. And Annie Chau of Imogene and TU Metals + Jewelry alumni, just sent me the link so here it is.

I find their blog interesting reading as well. One post the mention Chris Anderson. Chis is the editor of Wired magazine and wrote a book I recommend to all of you, The Long Tail. The Long Tail is about various modes of producing things and how this mechanism is changing in relation to the ways is which the world is changing. I am planning to integrate some of this in the Design + Production course in the fall semester.

Related Note. One of my measures of a good magazine is the breadth of its appeal. FastCompany ("Where ideas and people meet") and Wired are among my favorites because they are smart and relevant. I don't just fine one or two things of value in the issues but a lot of value. FastCompany always has articles about design, they have an annual design issue, and they cover innovation quite a bit as well. Wired is very similar. Example, Alyce Santoro (see previous post) who I mentioned in class was covered in Wired magazine. I also recommend checking out FastCompany's Greatest Hits book from your local library to get a feel for the mission behind FastCompany. It is true inspiring. The essay on Bill Strickland, I recommend without reservation. You won't be able to put it down.

An attitude that I am encountering more in more in the mags is why are craftspeople staying material centric when many people, almost any one can work with any material thanks to technology? Designer design the thing and then select the material and technology to have it produced. As a result many people are using materials and processes that have been considered the domain of the Metals + Jewelry field for example. Nervous System is a good example. What do practitioners in the field proper have/know that Nervous System doesn't?

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meganp said...


Check the link you made to n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com. I think you have an extra http in there! BTW, those are some very cool jewelry pieces. The organic shapes are outstanding.

Megan P

Jan Baum said...

thanks, Megan. It should be fixed.