Friday, March 21, 2008

The Victoria + Albert Museum, London and China Design Now

I am fascinated with the ways in which our world is changing. Globalization is an interesting phenomenon. I appreciate Thomas Friedman's writing on the subject both through his New York Times column (on hiatus now as he finishes a new book) and his already published books, The Lexus and The Olive Tree and The World is Flat. And there much to-do around the Beijing Olympics which is interesting to me on a number of levels having traveled to Beijing in August of 2007. Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for The New Yorker, wrote an interesting piece, Gunpowder Plots, on Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang who was born in China, lived in Tokyo, Santa Fe and now New York since 1995. The world is opening up in ways it never has before. Art, culture, politics, economics- every field/discipline makes up The World.

Pay Attention. What Is Going On?

The V+ A museum has a new exhibition China Design Now. Check it out.

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